Allandcabinet Classic designing blue shaker solidwood Kitchen cabinet
Mostly,it’s rare to see people using a blue for their kitchens as the bold color and may not classic enough as white&black.
But If you are great fan of blue and planning to make your kitchen in blue color.
Check below 3D rendering made by Allandcabinet for a customer from Au.
This kitchen designed by very classic shaker doors.part of tempered clear glass on wall cabinet and the stainless steel handles had totally triggers the feeling of tranquility, luxury, and space.
Moreover,the blue color is also known to be a stress reliever color and help lower blood pressure.
Considering when we walk into the kitchen with blue colors after the long day work.which would definitely slow us down and enjoy the time stay in kitchen.
Meanwhile,the wooden texture in island cabinet here had create a nice balance.
So,why don’t try to apply a blue shade for the color of your kitchen?
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