Our materials
AllandCabinets uses materials and raw materials that not only meet the most stringent demands in the industry but also, above all, satisfy our customers' expectations in terms of durability, aesthetics and functionality.
Solid wood -For door panels
Timeless, this material is noble and synonymous with luxury and natural. Its grain, its motif and its color make this material a natural beauty. Solid wood is easy to maintain, but it must be well maintained so that its color is not altered by sunlight. Each panel offers a uniqueness, different variations and irregularities, which makes this matter so warm. This will bring a lot of warmth to your place and is easy to work as to repair in case of scratch.
AllandCabinet has a good range of Solid wood species  for clients’ options.And we mainly use Cherry ,maple,red oak for the door panel.If you request other species of wood ,please let us know .

MDF-Medium density fiber board-For Door Panels
MDF board is with smooth surface.Usually use for the door materials of modern styles cabinets.Such as 2pac finishes door panels,laminated finish door panel,melamine finish door panel and the PVC cabinet door panels.
Why MDF is such a popular materials for our cabinets?

  • Can be painted with huge option s of colors-such as 2 pac lacquer finish.  
  • Can be engraved in any kinds of patterns,such as Shaker.   
  • Can be laminated with different film on the surface ,such as Wood veneers,Melamine films,HPL films.
  • Compared with plywood and solid wood-the cost of the MDF board is affordable.

Plywood-For door panels and carcase
Plywood normally used for door panel and carcase with finishes of Timber veneer stain ,Melamine,HPL laminated,Paint,2 PAC.,etc.
Plywood is much stronger than MDF,but can be the same treatment on surface.

When use Plywood as carcase ,normally customers choose the Melamine finish or Wood veneer with Stain finishes and the thickness is 18mm-3/4".

Particle board-For carcase
Particle board normally used for carcase which is stronger and can be more moisture proof.
The surface treatment normally is Melamine finished.
Particle board carcase thickness normally is  18mm -3/4''

If you have any suggestions or question for us.Please contact us.
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