Framed or Frameless
AllandCabinets designs and produces custom cabinets for Amercian,European,Australia and other markests.Allandcabinets are highly experienced with the requests,standards of clients from different markets.We understand how to make the cabinets which can make our partners successfully and mind peacefully.
To know the difference of different style cabinets is so important.
In USA market ,framed kitchen cabinet and frameless cabinets both are very popular.But other market the normal type frameless cabinets are more popular.If your project is in USA ,it will be neccessary to consider which type is the right one you need.

What is the difference between framed and frameless cabinets?
When choosing cabinets for your space, you’ll find that there are two types of cabinetry – Framed and Frameless. Both have advantages and offer various styles and design options. To help you decide which best suits your project, here a few details to help you differentiate between framed and frameless cabinets.
Framed Cabinets-American Style
This is a more common, American style cabinet.
Face frames allow for easier installation and door/drawer adjustment.
Require separate skin panels to be installed on site, on exposed sides.

  Frameless Cabinets-Eauropean full access Style
This style offers a sleeker, modern look that’s popular in Europe.
But in European ,Australia and other markets this style cabinets often
use adjustable legs as cabinet base.
Advantages of Framed Cabinetry
  • Strength and sturdiness – the hardwood face frame on framed cabinets serve to greatly reinforce the sidewalls to which they are anchored – an advantage that is missing from frameless cabinets.
  • More versatile and customizable – Inset, standard and full overlay options give you many design possibilities for creating a customized look for your cabinetry.
  • More door style options – AllandCabinet offers a vast selection of different door styles for framed cabinetry.

Advantages of Frameless Cabinetry
  • More accessibility – since there is not an inside edge of a frame projecting into the cabinet opening. This allows easier access to the cabinet interior as well as larger opening to store plates, platers, and cookware.
  • More storage space – since there is no face frame to create a lip around the cabinet openings, it is much easier to store appliances such as mixers, blenders, or juicers in frameless cabinets.
  • Additional flexibility in design and styling – frameless cabinets can be used in a traditional design as well as a modern design.
  • Larger spacious drawers – the space saved by not having a face frame attached to the front.
So which is better, framed or frameless cabinetry?
Weigh the options and make the right decision for your preference and space needs. The only difference between framed and frameless cabinets is the box construction. The face frame is constructed of horizontal members called rails, and vertical supports called center stilesThe structural quality and durability between the two types of construction is equal, you simply have two very different construction methods that offer two different distinct looks.
AllandCabinet invites you to check out our projects gallery or contact our  project consultants  for inspiration for your next project. Once you have found the right cabinet style for your home, contact us to get the support.

Amercian standard cabinet base VS. Adjustable cabinet legs/levelers
In American market ,most of the cabinets ,no matter tradational framed style ,or the European frameless full access cabinets,clients request the the standard base.It has the sides and back of the cabinet extend all the way down to the floor and is notched in the front to provide a toe kick. There is a "sub toe kick" that provides additional support for the bottom and makes it easy to apply your finished toe kick cover (such as a decorative baseboard) over a continual stretch of cabinets for a seamless look.
But in other markets,like Australia or European countries,people like the cabinets with adjustable legs/levelers which will enable installer to level the cabinets easily.

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