Pre-assembled custom cabinets
Pre-assembled kitchen cabinets
Factory-assembled by skilled craftspeople our ready-to-fit kitchen cabinets are designed to save time during installation, so a new design can be updated faster. Learn about the benefits of choosing our ready-assembled cupboards and how to use them to make the most of the available space.

What are Pre-assembled cabinets?
These units are pre-assembled during production to form a single, rigid unit. Constructed by professional craftspeople who have the know-how to produce high-quality furniture, these cupboards are supplied in a solid form that can simply be moved into position and fixed into place without the need to assemble parts.
What are the benefits of Pre-assembled cabinets?
-Time-saving assembly.
Featuring a sturdy dowel-and-glue construction for long-lasting use, our pre-assembled units will speed up fitting times. With less time spent on fiddly jobs, it means a new design can come together faster.
-Factory-fitted accessories.
Our ready-assembled units come with accessories pre-installed, saving time on tricky tasks. These devices offer easy access to items and keep things tidy. They also come in an on-trend, anthracite shade, so cupboards can look stylish inside and out.
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